"See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared."
Exodus 23:20

Q & A

The Heavenly Angels House, Inc. is a non-profit organization, providing compassionate care and a loving home to dying and terminally ill individuals in need.  The Heavenly Angels House affords those with life-limiting illnesses in their final month of life to pass with dignity when the option to die at home is not possible.

By partnering and collaborating with our community and the local medial hospice agencies we will be able to relieve the care-giving/financial burden on family and friends and assist them in their grief journey.  There will not be a  charge to our guests and their families for the care and services provided.

What is HAH?

H = Heavenly A= Angels H=House

It will be a much-needed Social Hospice home for the Grove and thirty-mile radius area without any charge for the services rendered.

What is a Social Hospice home?

It will be a home that will provide compassionate quality comfort care that enhances the end-of-life experience respecting the individual and family’s values, goals, and informed preferences. This care will be 24/7 without any charges for the services rendered to the individual or family.

Where is the Heavenly Angels House located and when will a home be up and operating?

We are continually reaching out and networking with all possible resources that can extend the helping hand to get us where we need to be; a home up and operating.

Money? Home? Home? Money? We need both. It is imperative that HAH becomes a reality for this community, it will create and build positive reputations and successes resonating to hearts and lives to and for so many in this area. Our goal is to have a home by the end of 2021.

How does one become a guest?

The admissions criteria are the following:

  • Must be enrolled in hospice
  • Diagnosis of 1-4 weeks to live
  • Must have a current DNR
  • Cannot have any tubing, IV infusions, breathing tubes (with the exception of oxygen)
  • Cannot have any communicable diseases
  • Our referrals will be through the Medical Hospice agencies in the area, where the individual could be in a nursing home facility, a hospital, or at home. We would identify and review the criteria needed to be admitted and if there is a room/bed available then we can get that guest in our home.

How is it possible for the HAH to provide care at NO cost?

Great question. HAH is a non-profit 501C-3 organization. We will be funded by the following:

  • Donations from individuals.
  • Donations from community groups and organizations.
  • Donations from corporations & foundations.
  • Annual Fundraiser(s).
  • Out of gratitude.
  • Memorial Gifting
  • Estate Planning and giving through financial consultants in the area
  • Charity Accounts established
  • Life Insurance Policy to designate HAH as the beneficiary
  • Charity donations from various organizations
  • Continuous Heavenly Angels House Face Book fundraising:
    • Amazon Smiles
    • Flip Give
    • Rada Cutlery
Are there other Social Hospice homes in Oklahoma that are members of the Omega Home Network?
  • Clarehouse in Tulsa, Ok.
  • Porta Caeli in Tulsa, Ok.
  • Journey Home in Bartlesville, Ok.
  • Agape Road in the Oklahoma City area
  • Paul Dwight II Dwelling in Moore Oklahoma
  • Each home with their own unique story of how they got started and how they continue to operate and give back to their communities.