Messages of Great Cheer

Riches and needs were met for the Heavenly Angels House third annual 2020 fundraiser; “Walking with Angels” that took place, Oct. 17th at the Walking Trails of Har-Ber Village.  HAH is delighted to share with the Grove and surrounding communities; we collected $23,000.00.  In addition, and never before we had close to $1,000.00 donated in “In-Kind” giving.  Yes, amazing but not surprising how God continues to reach far, wide, and deep into the hearts and minds that KNOW we need this humanitarian home for those in need of care at the end-of-life.

What does that say about these Northeastern Oklahoma donors, sponsors, supporters?  One, we live in such a unique giving community. Secondly, we know they have the utmost loyal faith and generous gifts of giving. WOW!  Many local businesses to continue to be Loyal Supporters.  The turnout for walking on the trails was awesome. We had many family and friends far and wide networking on behalf of this annual fundraiser.  On behalf of HAH, we are so thrilled and forever grateful to receive the needed monies this year for our Social Hospice home to move forward.  A huge THANKS and big HUGS for all that supported this fundraiser and to all of the Heavenly Angels House Ambassadors and Board Members who worked tirelessly together to make the “Walk” a success.  

As many of you know, fundraising does not stop at one specific annual fundraiser, it is an everyday and ongoing process. We are continuing to network and utilize all resources that will enable us to get a home up and operating. We will continue to ask for benevolent gifting all year round (all tax-deductible) through our website;, mailing to: Po Box 4502414, Grove, Ok. 74345 or on our Face book page (heavenly angels house in Grove) yearly sustainable giving opportunities.

We are so encouraged and yet pressed to get this home opened by December 2021. This will be a collaborative community home when all is said and done, no doubt, and the entire communities will be blessed and enriched by the Heavenly Angels House. One generous donation of a home or usable building would make this a reality now! Stay tuned for great and encouraging 2021 events in the life of the Heavenly Angels House.