"See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared."
Exodus 23:20


The Heavenly Angels House, Inc. is a non-profit organization, providing compassionate care and a loving home to dying and terminally ill individuals in need. The Heavenly Angels House affords those with life-limiting illnesses in their final month of life to pass with dignity when the option to die at home is not possible.

By partnering and collaborating with our community and the local medical hospice agencies we will be able to relieve the care-giving/financial burden on family and friends and assist them in their grief journey. There will not be a  charge to our guests and their families for the care and services provided.

The Story

A collection of events gave birth to our social hospice/end- of- life home here in the Grove area. Who would have thought that a forty-year-old angel collection would be present and ever mindful part of such a beautiful endeavor?  Cindie continues to love and be so aware of angels and how they do God’s bidding. Angelic presence and protection marked every critical moment in Jesus ‘life.  This social hospice/end of life home will be a loving service for the terminally ill and their families.

Cindie’s mother took her last breath in a social hospice home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, January 14, 2014, named the Clarehouse.  Those memories of that experience have instilled in her heart and mind the beauty of a peaceful, compassionate, dignifying way to leave this world.  This story of her family’s experience with the last two days of her mother’s life continues to fuel her passion that will be shared with the Grove community and more.  There was three separate times that God spoke to her heart and mind about opening and operating such a place as the Clarehouse. Being obedient to God’s Will, Cindie did not stutter or stammer and found herself with the early beginnings of the Heavenly Angels House in the first part of 2017. The mission statement, core values, objectives were created and a very specific prayer and scripture from Colossians 9:14, were read daily and prayed over, over, and over.

It is important to know along the way, there were several confirmation events that happened to confirm God leading Cindie to do his Will. Cindie and her husband Gary attended a Bible study, “Daring Faith”. We knew that God was speaking to our hearts and minds during that awesome Bible study. Another moment was when we met two of our missionaries from our church. Chelsea and Patrick Lungsford. We shared God’s vision for an end-of-life home for the Grove and surrounding area.  Chelsea responded, “what a beautiful calling, Cindie you must pray, pray, and pray and share this with everyone.”

Next, Cindie and husband Gary traveled to Tulsa, to meet with Kelly Scott the founder and executive director of the Clarehouse. As she shared with us her journey of getting their home up and running, she also shared, “I am wanting to pay this “compassion” forward to others in all communities nationwide”. With Kelly’s passion she developed an organization called the “The Omega Home Network.” The Heavenly Angels House joined this organization knowing the support, always continued encouragement that the OHN would provide; including forms and documents necessary to comply with state and federal requirements. That was such a huge WOW!!

Cindie not surprised but always amazed as the vision continues with each meeting she has with the Grove and surrounding unique, great spirited, and giving individuals. Cindie knows there is no work that God gives that is too small and no time in one’s life that a person is unusable. Her commitment to see the Heavenly Angels House up and running is unfailing; never to waiver, never to give in, and never to move anywhere but forward with God’s Love.

Core Values

  • We recognize all families and guests as a family unit.
  • We recognize and affirm death as a part of the normal life cycle.
  • We acknowledge all families deserve to be treated with respect and compassion.
  • We will provide our guests and families with emotional, spiritual, and compassionate support.
  • We aim to lessen any undue stress for the family and caregiver.
  • We will begin helping families on their grief journey.


  • To offer the dying the right care at the right time for the right purpose.
  • To offer a clean, loving home environment.
  • To lessen any undue stress for the caregivers and family.

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